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For many centuries, candles were the only source of artificial light and because they were used so often, candle holders quickly transformed into decorative elements. Over time, many innovative designs were developed, including ones that allowed people to hold dozens of candles at one time.

During the construction of wealthy homes, the lighting design was specified in advance and taken very seriously. Sometimes, especially for unusual or luxurious decoration, the architect prepared chandelier sketches. The basic material used was a relatively cheap and durable flame-resistant metal. Much less frequently, people used wood, glass or, with the arrival of this expensive material, porcelain.

“Porcelain” lighting

If you recall the cost of porcelain (we've been talking about the European material, not the Chinese imports), it becomes apparent that wholly porcelain fixtures were akin to pure gold. Having an entire light fixture out of porcelain would’ve been excessive. Furthermore, even the most delicate porcelain was not suitable for entire light fixtures—porcelain does not let out enough light. But for the creation of complex and subtle decorative details, porcelain was ideal. In addition, porcelain gave every lighting design an air of luxury. Various porcelain figures decorated lamps for women’s' bedrooms and magnificent chandeliers for ballrooms. The tradition of Italian porcelain chandeliers started in Naples. Here manufactories produced pieces with stucco patterns of angels and flower garlands.

Illuminating spacious rooms requires a lot of light, so buyers often picked up many of the same light fixture, or several in the same style. To accentuate the available light, large mirrors were almost always paired with light sources: glass or porcelain light fixtures would be placed on either sides of the mirror. By the way, these interior design techniques are still relevant today. There are many ways to manipulate light for a desired effect. For example, lighting can be placed to highlight the most interesting parts of the interior—for example, next to a rare vase or next one’s favorite collection of porcelain clowns.

Italian traditions in Pavone porcelain

If bird, angel, cat, mermaid and devil figurines are not particularly well suited as a gift or souvenir for whomever you have mind, take note of the miniature porcelain lamps crafted by Italian artisans. Finding such an original and lovely item is not easy, especially an item made from such quality material and craftsmanship. The company store in Moscow guarantees quality in every product bought there.

Pavone’s great variety of products allows you to choose a present for any occasion. We also accord the opportunity to make wholesale purchases that save you time and money.