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Продажа сувениров из фарфора

The Creation Process

Porcelain Pavone figurines are made solid porcelain (also called “European” porcelain, as opposed to the soft variant called “Chinese”) This material stands apart because of its exceptional durability—merchandise made from this material does not lose its loveliness over time.

Each figurine is hand painted with special paint. The rich palette (consisting of more than 4,000 shades) allows for entire statuette collections to be identical in form, but differ slightly in coloring.

The painted figurines are coated with a glaze that protects against discoloration. After glazing, firing, and careful monitoring of quality, the products are ready for sale.

How To Make a Purchase

On our website you can find a complete catalog of porcelain figurines made by the Italian company Pavone.

In the catalog, you can see pictures of the figurines alongside their prices. If you buy the porcelain statuettes wholesale, you can expect additional discounts depending on the sum of your purchase.

To place an order or receive consultation, you can contact us by email or telephone. Orders can be delivered to your address in Moscow at any time convenient to you. Also, you can buy porcelain statuettes directly from our stores.

Pavone History

Italy is known for manufacturing porcelain since the 18th century. Initially, Italian businesses mainly copied Chinese designs, but started to develop their own unique style after a time.

Pavone was one of these businesses and became one of the most famous Italian manufacturers of porcelain.

Today, porcelain figurines from Italy are prized by collectors worldwide, and each year Pavone expands its production. The company currently exports its products to many countries worldwide, including in Russia.