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Available for sale only fairly recently, the bright and unusual, the child-like porcelain figurines from the CMS collection were created in order to become the focus of interior compositions that are simultaneously avant-garde and functional. They are so original and unique that they may even shock some lovers of classic forms and delicate lines. But if you look closely, aren’t they wonderful? They’re festive, colorful, uplifting, creating the illusion of fun—just like all the beloved characters in animated films. You can definitely call these charming objects unique without risking exaggeration. After all, they are made by the skilled craftsmen of Pavone and specially designed for this collection. The only difference between these products from other pieces bearing the proud, but not always justified, artistic label of "eliteexclusive" is that the spectacular porcelain gifts from Pavone come at an affordable price. However, if you are looking for something creative and functional, but less daring perhaps, then consider porcelain figurines from the JP collection or the FM collection.


Example of porcelain used in interiors

Interior design includes, but is not limited to, decorating walls, floors, ceilings, and picking out comfortable furniture, but also depends on those seemingly insignificant detail -usually designer accents. These can be paintings, sculptures, vases, candlesticks—in general, anything functional but not absolutely necessary that gives the area personality. Here, only the decorator’s imaginationlimits the style and suitability of interior installations.


Of course, it is not necessary to reach absurdity in the pursuit of originality, like the fans of the Anti-Design trends who decorate houses with literally anything (e.g. empty cans.) Avant-garde fashion designer items made from seemingly traditional materials like porcelain would make for a much more effective presentation of originality. The unusual but stylish porcelain items in the CMS collectionare especially appropriate toward this aim.