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Choosing gifts for loved ones, business partners, clients or colleagues has always been a difficult task that requires careful and balanced consideration. Although, thinking about it, how could it be so difficult? After all, there are many shops offering a variety of products catering to different tastes. But with the majority of souvenirs you find on sale, there is one significant drawback – they are clichéd. You want a noteworthy gift that will impress while also leaving a long-lasting memory. Porcelain figurines, vases and lamps from the JP collection bearing the Pavonebrand meet this challenge. They can be bought from our store at very affordable prices for such original gifts. By purchasing products from this and other collections, such as the CMS and FM lines, you will never get into an awkward gift-giving situation, thanks to the versatility and originality of objects made by Italian designers and artisans.


Interior sculptures

The first statue-like creations appeared in ancient times and were manufactured out of a variety of materials: wood, stone, plaster, porcelain, clay, marble, bronze, glass, and ceramics. Egyptians preferred to gold and ivory and worked with images of their gods—Osiris, Isis, Horus, etc. The ancient Greeks decorated their homes with stucco reliefs depicting scenes from the lives of athletes.

Sometime later, to decorate palace rooms, the ancients began to create marble statues, and in ancient universities they installed busts of great intellectuals. Over time, the sculptures were modified, influenced by new artistic trends, but the tradition of carving busts of noteworthy figures lasted for a very long time. For example, virtually all institutions in the Soviet era had busts of prominent party figures conspicuously displayed.

In modern apartments, more often than not, there are many different kinds of porcelain figures—from miniatures to impressive outdoor sculptures. The methods used to manufacture these decorative works can create any fictional or real character: cats, puppies, mice, clowns, mermaids, Amurchik, elves, and devils.