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JP-27/17 Figure Ballerina ''Plie''
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JP-27/41 Figure ''Young Ballerina''
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JP-27/19 Figure Ballerina ''Temps''
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JP-27/3 Figure Ballerina ''Cambre''
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JP-27/2 Figure Ballerina ''Balancer''
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JP-27/8 Figure Ballerina ''Balancer''
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JP-27/24 Figure Ballerina ''Attitudes''
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JP-27/7 Figure Ballerina ''Arabesque''
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JP-22/11 Figure Dancer ''Dancing pa''
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This is no longer the first century in which fine Italian porcelain valued worldwide. In our view, this Mediterranean country is where the most elegant items originated and homeland of talented people in the fields of music and painting. Making porcelain figurines is definitely a kind of art. It’s no coincidence that they relate to architectural forms, though on a smaller scale.

Fashionable girl figurines are great souvenirs and elegant decorative elements that will fit into classic room interiors or compliment the romantic and feminine style of girls’ bedrooms. Pavone produces porcelain angels and devils, ladies and heartwarming animals. Each piece is created with impressive subtlety and quality. It is a commendable gift that looks expensive and conveys that the giver is a real connoisseur of beauty. The porcelain girl figurine is a great gift for lady, or even a little girl, given on a birthday or other celebration. Beautiful women are like flowers that are a pleasure to admire. A portrait of a woman or a graceful porcelain girl will gladden its owner and leave pleasant memories, while also being the best part of the decor.


European traditions

The tradition of creating figurines of beautiful girls goes back many centuries. In the 18th century in Europe, the presence of these statues symbolized that the household was wealthy. Over time, these products became fashionable everywhere. They were produced as individual items or for entire collections and over time featured different motifs. Today, for example, the frog figurine is popular, symbolizing financial well-being and also bringing the household wealth.


Any viewer can see a story within all the girl figurines. One may see sadness over a loved one, delight during a pleasant walk, a loving interaction with a child, or even the passionate impulse to dance. These figurines are accompanied by various animals—cats, dogs, horses, etc.—and, of course, would be incomplete without flowers. The grace and beauty of women in every deed and every emotion is a source of inspiration for the artist of these works.

Equally as interesting as their expressions and subtleties are the figurines’ attires. The artists have preserved the tradition of depicting the aristocratic and bourgeois clothing styles of past centuries. However, this is not a general rule. There are entire series featuring figurines in modern, usually long, dresses, or, like the Japanese woman figurine, wearing national costumes, or even nude.

Nowadays you can buy a variety of Italian porcelain products wholesale. Everybody can find souvenirs to suit all kind of tastes. For example, women will appreciate a sophisticated lady statuette with a dog, men can get porcelain zodiac symbols, and young girls would love funny little animals or sweet angels. Many families in Moscow collect figurines for their artistic value. Connoisseurs will appreciate your gift, especially products with the Pavone brand.