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Little devil figurines do not have as rich a history as porcelain angel figurines. This, of course, connects with religious traditions. Today, however, little devils make humorous porcelain figurines, in various situations and expressing different emotions. As a result, they make great gifts no matter what the celebration.

Pavone porcelain devils come ​​in two colors: a glossy white or a matte red. When choosing which color souvenir to buy, it helps to take into account where the figurine will be placed. If you pick a white figurine, by the way, a pair of porcelain cupids would look great next to it.

Once you’ve decided on a beautiful and original gift, where do you buy it? The typically cheap Chinese products you often find nowadays have nothing to do with the country’s rich tradition of porcelain manufacture.

The value of Pavone products

Works made from real porcelain and quality paint coated in protective glaze distinguishes themselves with their clean lines and durability. For example, old Chinese porcelain still, after all these centuries, has not lost its beauty and luster. Pavone is directly involved with the original outlines and the manufacture of porcelain figurines. The quality of products is thoroughly checked throughout all stages of manufacturing, and the designer’s creative approach to their work is esteemed by many collectors.

Porcelain devils are the perfect accessory to the interior of a stylish restaurant or cafe. If it is your intention to decorate such a space, take the opportunity to purchase the products in bulk wholesale.

The Pavone store in Moscow is still the only one engaged in the sale of Pavone products. There you will find statues of devils and angels, mermaids and fairies, people and animals, and much, much more—there are a number of other items from equally remarkable collections.

Italian porcelain from Pavone is the perfect choice for a souvenir, gift or decoration. No matter what you choose—angels, mermaids, elves or puppies—these figurines will not disappoint any fan or collector.