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JP-09/6 Figure Cupid ''Air-kiss''
14,99EURO | Not available
JP-09/16 Figure Cupid ''Prayer''
14,99EURO | Not available
JP-09/2 Figure Cupid ''Romance''
14,99EURO | Not available
JP-09/15 Figure Cupid ''Seriousness''
15,99EURO | Not available
JP-09/5 Figure Cupid ''Pride''
14,99EURO | Not available
JP-09/4 Figure Cupid ''Prayer''
14,99EURO | Not available
JP-21/1 Figure ''Cupid and dove''
21,99EURO | Not available
JP-16/7 Figure ''Angel with harp''
30,99EURO | Not available
JP-16/8 Figure ''Angel with violin''
29,99EURO | Not available
44,99EURO | Not available
JP-16/5 Figure ''Angel with horn''
32,99EURO | Not available
JP-13/8 Figure Cupid ''Tasty finger''
19,99EURO | Not available

What touching and adorable figurines! The small figures Amurchik are souvenirs that warm the heart. Of all the gifts, these cute figurines are the most successful. They can be incredibly moving. Whether placed on dresser, bookcase or table, these cupid statues will remind loved ones of each other in moments of separation. They can serve as a reminder of some important occasion or a subtle symbol of your affections. Or, just like the bird, animal, child, or woman figurines, they can simply delight the heart with their endearing beauty.

A figurine for any home

This souvenir will perfectly complement a living room or bedroom. He will emphasize a romantic atmosphere, especially paired with a more classical interior—one with hints of rococo or baroque. Figurines such as the Amurchik are usually placed in the house by a female hand. They demonstrate the refined taste and romantic soul of the decorator. The presence of one of these figurines, or even their entire sets, give your interior a serene sense of peace, happiness, and tranquility.

If you are searching for something to pair with the cupid figurines, there are few more perfect fits than the beautiful porcelain vases. These seemingly minor details make home interiors exceedingly pleasant. Imagine lace curtains, delicate tablecloths, handmade framed mirrors, vintage crockery, lovely paintings on the walls, the peaceful silence punctured only by the sound of a ticking clock, and, of course, the fragile, delicate porcelain Amurchik...these elements create a picture of family comfort, warmth, and sunlight—especially if the room gets plenty of sunlight and the wind rustles through the trees outside. But this interior is incredibly flexible. With a few small changes, you can completely change the character of the room. Imagine instead of sunlight, the soft dim of the evening. Turn on a few small porcelain lamps and you suddenly have a more intimate and romantic atmosphere. Regardless of where and when, these beautiful cupid figurines look good anywhere: in an apartment, a private home, a summer cottage…

The tradition of comfort and beauty

The human desire for beauty is so pervasive, that even the Soviet era shortages failed to discourage people from wanting to filthier homes with exquisite details. However, in those years, it was very difficult to get a hold of something actually worthwhile. In most cases, the selection the market provided was incredibly poor—products often had distortions in shapes and color defects. Fortunately today that situation has much improved. You can find and buy anything you want. Now, especially, not only are there huge varieties of shops, but also the Internet gives us access to an impressive selection of products. You can find many porcelain cupids in retail and wholesale.

However, the impeccable Pavone figurines will not only be the highlight of any interior, but will be a valuable addition to the collection of a connoisseur of architectural forms. You can buy these charming and expertly made products from any city using our online store.