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JP-28/8 Figure ''Leo''
34,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/10 Figure ''Libra''
61,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/3 Figure ''Pisces''
42,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/11 Figure ''Scorpio''
46,99EURO | Not available
JP-28/3 Figure ''Pisces''
35,99EURO | Not available
JP-28/4 Figure ''Aries''
32,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/8 Figure'' Leo''
49,99EURO | Not available
JP-28/11 Figure ''Scorpio''
32,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/1 Figure ''Capricorn''
42,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/9 Figure ''Virgo''
50,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/2 Figure ''Aguarius''
44,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/4 Figure ''Aries''
40,99EURO | Not available
JP-28/7 Figure ''Cancer''
33,99EURO | Not available
JP-28/6 Figure ''Gemini''
34,99EURO | Not available
JP-25/12 Figure ''Sagittarius''
47,99EURO | Not available
JP-28/2 Figure ''Aguarius''
33,99EURO | Not available

Souvenirs featuring the zodiac symbols are perhaps one the most popular products. They are universally appealing items, outperformed only by souvenirs featuring names. Zodiac sign key rings, mugs, jewelry, paintings and postcards are chosen as gifts for all kinds of celebrations. There are many collectors that never miss an opportunity to pick up an item featuring their own zodiac sign and have vast collections accumulated over many years.

Astrological tradition in porcelain

Italian masters have managed to combine the familiar images of beauty and grace with the best traditions of European small form design. The clean lines of fair porcelain enriched by impressive color palettes makes a Pavone souvenir original and suitable for any festive occasion.

The production and sale of decorative zodiac figurines has a rich background. In eastern traditions, they were used as talismans and amulets. In the western world, they gained popularity because of their use in alchemy.

For a long time, there were many diverse collections of zodiac sign figurines. They were jeweled or simple carvings, made from many different materials, and in many different sizes.

When buying a gift, do not forget that there is a difference between European and oriental horoscopes. If you're invited into the home of someone of a more eastern background, for example, Japanese, a porcelain zodiac sign gift may not be the most relevant to their background. Of course, everyone has both an eastern zodiac sign and a western zodiac sign. But, in accordance with the eastern traditions, you’re better off picking up a mouse figurine than an Aries one.

Incidentally, here’s interesting fact: in Japan, after the 18th century, porcelain products began to be replaced by products made of paper-Mache. This was because a law was adopted restricting the use of luxury items. Therefore, horoscope figures and traditional Japanese porcelain birds started being produced in the technique Harika (what the Japanese called products made from paper-Mache.)

Italian porcelain in Russia

In Moscow, you can already buy beautiful and high-quality porcelain from Pavone. The company’s store offers a complete collection of porcelain zodiac signs. You can pick one figure or order several figurines wholesale, depending on your needs.

If you are conflicted getting the right gift for someone, you can always buy cat figurines. These easily fit into any environment, look great, and add a sense of comfort.