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JP - Junior Perini

In the works of Perini Jr. one can find eastern and religious motives tightly intertwined, European classics, and modern trends. For example, in the depictions of flowers, there are Chinese and Japanese traits—attention to detail and slight bends in petals and flower shapes. In terms of products—practicality exists in harmony with the spirit of romanticism, echoing the style of Western art from the late 19th century. Simple, childlike, though, at the same time, profound, works by this talented master allow you to quickly discern their primary impression.


CMS - Camillo Mario Santoro

The style of Camillo Mario Santoro is recognizable and unique. The artist masterfully combines classical canons with the spirit of the avant-garde, skillfully balancing between them. So, in his designs for Pavone, it cannot be clearly traced where functionality ends and art begins, and vice versa. This wizard creates a beauty that is never ceases to amaze because it has a complexity that allows the viewer to see something new no matter how much time has passed. In the artist's works everyone can find something they can appreciate, whether they are followers of the classics or supporters of modern trends.


FM - Fabrizio Motta

In his works, Fabritsio Motta accords special attention to nature and reverence towards it. This creative artist completely drenches his designs with floral and landscapemotifs. If he is not lovingly copying flowers, then he is utilizing their forms for practical products—like cups, saucers, and vases. This wizard takes us back to the Renaissance, with its love of life and nature. Flowers, birds, bizarre plants, shells—we become immersed in the beautiful, harmonious world of rich color and cozy natural forms.



Even with such a seemingly cold and hard material like porcelain, this artist manages to convey a gentle breeze, the curve of a flower petal, and the chirping of birds. This requires not only expert technique, but total immersion in the natural world. All this FabritsioMottais happy to share with us.



VS - Valerio Sole

Valerio Sole, in his art, adheres to the canons of realistic display. This artist is inspired by the elegance and mystery of female beauty and dance—the same influences that once inspired the great Degas. Sole masterfully conveys the slightest nuances of his heroines’mood and character: the cunning of the little wives; the gentleness and love with which the mother looks upon her child; the passion, focus, and inner strength of flamenco dancer; the elegance and nobility of the lady out for a walk in Hyde Park.


The effects of complete realism are achieved through attention to detail, careful study of the sketch, including details such as a half-turn of the head, the face, folds in dresses, etc. That is why there are no repeats in the master's works—they are all unique and deserve undivided attention.