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The Italian design company Pavone is well known primarily for its unique porcelain figurines valued by collectors worldwide. However, this companyproduces many other porcelain goods, not only figurines—vases, candleholders, lamps, tableware and more. These products can be found in online auctions and, of course, in retail stores. For all their diversity, these products have a distinctive style in which simplicity of form combines with elegance and perfection. Perhaps it is this distinctive style that brought the Pavone brand such popularity.



Pavone has several porcelain factories in Italy and China. All plants use the same production technology and unified system to control quality. The main material is solid white porcelain, the secret of its making which was discovered in Europe in the XVIII century. This material is slightly alters upon firing, which allows figurines and other products to be created with lots of fine detail.

 Products with complex shapes are assembled from several parts which are glued by means of a porcelain mass. After firing, the joints cannot be seen and the product looks monolithic.

One of the most important stages is coloring. Each piece is painted by hand, then covered with glaze and fired at high temperature (1000 degrees). In some cases, the glaze is not used—in these cases the surface looks opaque porcelain.


Controlling guality

As many know, when ceramics are fired (porcelain included) cracks and other deformities frequently occur. Therefore, Pavone porcelain factories pay special attention in order to control the quality of their products. At every stage of production—from raw material preparation to packaging—products are strictly monitored. Defective products are immediately withdrawn and destroyed. Only the products that successfully passed all tests become commercially available.

 The brand “Pavone” applied to the underside of each product confirms its high quality. Having such a mark means the product is considered flawless.